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September 2021

New take on racism as a health disparity

Let's chat it up...we must recognize the grand opportunity we have attained. Sadly through some events that we will never forget such as the public lynching of Mr. Floyd. Remember where you were when you watched his life taken over and over replayed for the masses to see. It was crushing!

We bear the burden of suffrage due to morbidity and mortality which affects us in ways we are only beginning to understand in the mainstream. These inequities equal racism. It is oppressive so much so that it affects our somatic health. We must fight these health inequities and defend our rights tooth and nail. 

We must fight with intensity and ferocity! 

This requires us to battle structural racism within our social construct as this is key. No government will accurately protect us if we do not aid in fixing the wrongs. If we are not vocal. We all know equality and democracy are not spectator sports. Structural racism relates directly to our health. Defend it!

We understand health is all we really have. Time is our real currency. Vote as if your life depends on it...because it does!

Our Second Blog Entry

September 2021

Some would say the circus staged by our Mayor has a name: abuse of power. All of the great ideas he says he has in place are like smoke and mirrors. Simply a magic trick "now you see it, and now you don't". One can read the writing on the wall as it seems like the only understanding he has is the responsibility he has to Yale, and to affluent community such as his own. He is using government to his aid in attaining sympathy and votes. What happened to protecting the all tax payers? The truth is in the pudding it is we the tax payers, we the people whom will ultimately pay for his "powerful" money moves to continue making New Haven a collegiate town as it was promised to Yale. 

It burdens to ask if our mayor is a typical dictator? At least, that seems to be coming on him. Do not be fooled by his "laid back" demeanor. Should we organize and file ethics complaints? The abuse of power to serve themselves and not the people is blatant and in our eyes. It is apparent that there is considerable corruption in our city government. 

At a time when our city needs unity, when we need our chosen politicians to show strength seems as these actors for we the people set forward a display of disarray and uncertainty. We need keen discernment with noble and ethical motivation in our government to deal with the evils of the times. Abuse of power for political retribution just because you disagree is treason. We live in a democracy. At least it should be the goal. But, we can not get there from here. The representation of this city and this state must be cleansed through voting process enabling those who hold the true interest of the American people. 

Ladies and gentlemen, what we face is a subversive decline of our city into degradation. How is this a possibility especially since we now have lived through T$&*() era. We are cultured, educated, and highly in tuned voters. Wake up New Haven! Make better choices good not only for you, but for all of us. 

Our First Blog Entry

September 2021